The Assembly is the body within NPC concerned with developing education policy.

The NPC shall have an Assembly of Full Members' representatives comprised of persons nominated as follows:

(a) each County Branch may nominate up to 2 parents to act as Assembly Representatives; and
(b) the Combined County Parents' Association Group may nominate 1 parent to act as an Assembly Representative for every 25 Full Members (or such other number as may from time to time be determined by the Board of Management at its discretion to be in the best interests of fair representation) which are registered in accordance with Article 12 as belonging to the Combined County Parents' Association Group;
(c) each Special Interest Group may nominate 1 parent to act as an Assembly Representative.

The sole powers of the Assembly shall be:

  1. to nominate parents for election as Directors of the Council in accordance with these Articles of Association;
  2. to consider such educational issues as are referred to it by the Board of Management for its observations and recommendations provided always that the Assembly shall have no decision-making powers, may not represent the Council or bind it to any course of action and shall operate exclusively to make observations and recommendations to the Board of Management which observations and recommendations the Board may accept or reject as they see fit in the Directors' absolute discretion;
  3. to meet and adjourn as it thinks proper; and
  4. to determine any questions arising at any meeting by a simple majority of votes of the Assembly Representatives present.