NPC Special Interest Groups

Being part of a special interest group allows parents to explore the particular issues pertaining to their group and to exchange information and ideas to further benefit the education and wellbeing of their children.

Currently, NPC has the following special interest groups:

The special interest groups are entitled to have 1 representative on the NPC Assembly, which is the body within NPC concerned with developing educational policies. Please note however, the Special Educational Needs Group is entitled to have 2 representatives, 1 being a parent of a child with special needs in mainstream school and 1 a parent of a child in a special school.

How does a parent become a member of a Special Interest Group?

When your Parents' Association becomes a member of NPC there is a form that must be filled out, there is a section on this form for each of the NPC Special Interest Group Representatives. This section should be filled out with the relevant parent's details; ensuring firstly they are happy to have their details entered onto the membership form and they are happy representing the Parents' Association on the Special Interest Group.

If you would be interested in becoming involved with any of our Special Interest Groups there is further information on joining the groups under each group link.

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