Easter Fun 2018

Easter Bunny


Easter has arrived and for children it is a fun time of the year. National Parents Council Primary would like to help you and your family make the most of the holidays by showing you some easy craft ideas to make.

What you need

2 paper plates
2 balls of cotton wool
some pink cotton wool (optional)
2 googly eyes (optional)
A pink and a black crayon, colouring pencil or marker
A scissors
Small piece of scrap cardstock or construction paper (you could use an empty cereal box)


What you do:

Cut one of the paper plates in half and colour the inner part of each plate in pink.
Use the glue to stick to both of these to the back of other plate to make ears.
Glue your two cotton balls to center of the other plate, these are the muzzle.
For the nose you can then use your pink cotton ball. If you don’t have pink cotton wool, that’s ok you can use your pink crayon or marker instead
Glue on the eyes, again if you don’t have any you can just make two eyes with your black crayon or marker.
Draw a mouth below the two white cotton balls with your pink crayon or marker.
Cut out a bow-tie shape from the card, glue it on and decorate.