Easter Fun 2018 - Week 2


Easter has arrived and for children it is a fun time of the year. National Parents Council Primary would like to help you and your family make the most of the holidays by showing you some easy craft ideas to make.

Paper Plate Craft – Easter Chick 


  • heavy duty paper plates (color, style and size of your choice)
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • pencil
  • yellow yarn
  • black buttons
  • orange and yellow felt
  • hot glue gun
  • tape

How to Make a Paper Plate Easter Chick Sewing Craft:

1. Gather your supplies. Begin by drawing an egg shape on your paper plate with your pencil. If you are making several chicks, I suggest cutting out a pattern to trace on all of your paper plates to make it easier.

2. Poke your scissors into the center of your paper plate (or make a slit with a craft knife) and then cut the egg shape out of the center of the plate.

3. Use your hole punch to punch holes around the perimeter of the egg shape. You’ll have to do this going along the shape in the the center of the paper plate NOT from the outside edge of the plate.

4. Cut off several yards of yellow yarn. We used about 10 feet with our smaller paper plates and 12 feet for our regular size paper plate. Tape one end of the yarn onto the back of your paper plate. On the other end of the yarn you can either thread on a yarn needle or wrap some tape around the end so it won’t fray when sewing.

5. Sew your strand of yellow yarn through the holes in your paper plate, up and down, side to side and diagonal. When you reach the end of the yarn tape it onto the back of the paper plate. 

6. Cut out two wings from your yellow felt and a beak from your orange felt. Heat up your hot glue gun and use it to glue on the wings, beak and two black buttons for eyes. 

This makes a darling Easter craft for school or at home. You can make several chicks as a family and string them together to make a cute Easter banner to display in the home as Easter decor.