Developing a Policy in your school - Code of Behaviour

The Parent Association should work in partnership with the Principal and teachers in the development and review of school policies.

The Parent Association can help with school policy by:

  • Giving information to parents on how they can contribute to school planning and policymaking
  • Gathering views about aspects of school policy from parents
  • Channelling parents’ views into the policy making process

In this training module Parent Associations can learn how to approach writing a policy for their school.

NPC in partnership with the National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB) have developed a training programme for parents, principals, and the board members on developing a code of behaviour.

Code of Behaviour

Every school is required by law to have a code of behaviour. Under section 23 of the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, the Board of Management of each school must prepare and make available a code of behaviour for its students. The Act requires that the school code of behaviour is prepared in accordance with Guidelines issued by the National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB). The code of behaviour outlines the behaviour expected from all members of the school community.

The session begins by looking at:

  • Understanding behaviour and what influences behaviour?
  • What is a code of behaviour?
  • Why have a code of behaviour?
  • Who should be involved / consulted in drawing up a code of behaviour?
  • Writing a code of behaviour
  • Reviewing and auditing a code of behaviour

This programme is available to parents, teachers, principals and board members in individual schools countrywide.

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